New updates in Anarky development

Anarky is growing, at the beginning our plan was to divide Anarky into small sectors with few objects in order to keep memory consumption low and allow Anarky to be accessible to all types of users on both PC and mobile.

Our 3D insights and enhancements to the Godot Engine rendering system have enabled us to improve performance in ways we never would have thought possible just a few months ago.

Among the improvements we have implemented so far:

  • We implemented a texture loading and unloading system, high definition textures are only visible if the user is nearby.
  • Arcade machines no longer load or unload from memory. The solution to have thousands of machines in the same world is to have only 18 machines that teleport to the area where the player is (magic).
  • Lighting in an open world is a serious problem. Many lights in a scene increase the memory consumption, the solution is that the energy of the lights increases when the player is close and decreases to 0 according to the distance, if the player is too far, the light is destroyed.
  • Another solution for neon lights is to use unshaded materials and the glow post-processing effect.
  • All screens in Anarky load and unload from the scene according to the player’s distance, there are never more than 20 screens loaded at the same time.
  • We have used occlusion polygons in strategic zones to reduce object drawing when inside buildings.

  • Buildings also hide or destroy all objects inside depending on whether the player is inside or outside of it.

And the list goes on and on, all aimed at improving performance and user experience.

As you will see, making an open world is quite a challenge and as developers we are committed to achieving our goal of creating an interactive world full of games for both developers who want to publish their games and players who want to play other people’s games.