Anarky V2 is here!

Complying with the constant updates outlined in our roadmap, the new version V.2.0.0 of Anarky is here, with many performance improvements, more building blocks, new objects and much more.

This is the first public release of Anarky so we do not know what types of Bugs may arise, especially taking into account that we have only tested the game in a controlled environment with few play testers.

In addition to that, the game is in alpha stage, which means that it is still in development.

In general, many of you must be wondering: What is Anarky?

Anarky is a virtual world where each user can own a plot of land and use their construction gun to build whatever they want within the limits of their territory.

Every time a user saves the game, the information is shared in the Anarky cloud and all connected users will be able to see your construction, interact with it, leave comments, likes, etc.

With each update, more building blocks, materials that interact with each other, weather effects, plant planting, fluids such as water, lava, etc. will be added.

Our vision is that together with the community we all contribute to the construction of the largest city in the world of video games. Not just an empty city, full of decorative buildings, but a city full of creativity, interactions, mini-games, activities, art, everything you can imagine… We will give you the tools and you will build the world.

The city for now is empty, without buildings, little by little as you play you will see the city grow around you as more and more users join the construction of this one-of-a-kind world.

So what are you waiting for? Download Anarky now and be one of the founders of the largest city in the world of video games.