Is Anarky World a game or a platform?

For whom is Anarky made?


  • Leave code snippets to help other.
  • Ask for help to the community.
  • Share Shadders.
  • Download sprites and audio files for your games.
  • Upload your demo or Mini-Games.


  • Play all the games available on the platform.
  • Leave comments on the games.
  • Report bugs in the games.
  • Vote for or against content posted to be moderated.
  • Share images.
  • Follow your favorite games or developers.


  • Upload Sprites.
  • Upload Audio files.
  • Upload screenshots.
  • Share Memes.
  • Sponsor your game your youtube or twich channels.

Anarky world has matured a lot with the passing of time, initially it was created thinking of making an interactive virtual museum, a kind of virtual museum and social network. Then we thought it had turned out so well that we decided to make a virtual world, but a virtual world full of virtual museums is not a good idea, why would anyone visit Anarky?

After some brainstorming we realized that the only reason we as gamers would visit Anarky is precisely to play, but making an open world game is a very challenging task for such a small team, and that’s when the idea came: what if the Anarky users are the ones who create the games?

We loved the idea and Anarky evolved into this hybrid between virtual world and video game platform. To differentiate ourselves from platforms like Roblox or Core we decided to follow the steps of one of our favorite platforms gotm.io (we recommend it, it’s a great place to play).

Like gotm.io Anarky uses pck files exported from Godot Engine so that users can upload their games to our server via arcade machines in our virtual world.

All games that are uploaded to Anarky belong to the developer who made them, Anarky is a platform to publish games and you as a developer can publish on our platform and on any other platform at the same time.

The arcade machines serve as an interface between the users and the games, to save resources every time a user starts a game in the machine, the game will start in a separate scene, this way you will save resources by not having to play the virtual world of Anarky and the game you want to play at the same time.

After defining the game interface we thought: how can we add more content to our world?

So now Anarky contains a dedicated building for each type of content, including buildings dedicated purely to answering questions asked by novice and expert developers.

Why use Anarky instead of using a quick access interface like other websites?

This question was asked by a user a few months ago, this is a very common question because we are used to press a button and play. The problem with quick access interfaces is finding games that we don’t know, it’s finding that ideal game that we haven’t discovered yet.

Using the search engine, categories, tags and even filters, game platforms will only show us the most popular games, the most voted or what the platform considers important.

Many times this information may be biased towards those who pay a premium service or have more money for marketing, also some users will know how to manipulate their youtube followers or any social network to raise their game above the others.

This creates a major problem for new developers who do not have the resources to manipulate the game search engines and creates a tunnel vision in the users of the platform because they only see what the platform tells them, leaving aside a lot of content.

In Anarky every developer will be able to use an arcade machine to publish his game. That machine has a unique location in the virtual world (coordinates that can be shared on social networks). This makes it easier for new users to search for their favorite game because the machine will occupy a physical space that will never change and they will always be able to locate their favorite game in that place.

Also by knowing the location of your favorite game you can use the menu to go directly to that game without having to look for it physically inside the game, by knowing the coordinates of your favorite game you just use the fast travel system and you will appear in the desired arcade machine.

No matter how popular a game is, its placement will not change. This allows novice users to have their games next to the most popular games without being filtered by an algorithm.

If I am not a developer or gamer, what can I use Anarky for?

Just as there are buildings dedicated to gaming, there are also buildings dedicated to content creation. For example the news building is a place where users post their favorite youtube channels, websites and even favorite gaming platforms.

If you are an artist and you want to publish your sprites or images you can do it in the virtual museum area in the case of images or screenshots and in the free sprites area in the case of content made for game development.

In the store, once the payment system is enabled, users will be able to publish 3D models, sprite packs and even audio packs and skins to be sold within Anarky.

Once again the location of your posts will not change no matter how popular what you are posting is and any user will be able to locate your content without relying on a filter or an algorithm.

There is much more to say and explain about Anarky World but to avoid going on too long in this post we will leave it here. As you will see Araky is a game, a platform and a social network designed for gamers, casual gamers and content creators.

If you want to support us just follow us on our social networks and share this content. Thanks for reading to the end 🙂

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