Anarky World, Do you really need it🤔❔

Anarky is a video game platform within a video game, that’s right, but where do all those video games come from?

The Anarky project as we call it, is a platform for developers and gamers. Developers can publish their games made on the Godot Engine and gamers can jump in and play.

It’s a pretty simple dynamic where developers can show the world their games and even do beta testing while gamers can have a meeting place to play and make friends.

Is Anarky a metaverse?

A metaverse is a persistent virtual environment that allows access to and interoperability of multiple individual virtual realities.

According to this concept, it could be said that even Gtav Online is a metaverse. Anarky in the sense of this concept is a metaverse but not in the sense that it is sponsored by other projects.

Anarky is not intended to replace your real world, nor is it intended to disconnect you from socializing in person with your friends. Anarky is a video game platform designed as an open world game to make exploring and publishing games more dynamic and entertaining.

At Anarky we believe that the way many projects are handling this metaverse concept is misapplied and honestly, many of these metaverses have no real use case and even for us they don’t make sense.

That’s why we don’t like to be related to this concept, Anarky is a platform to share minigames, sprites, audio files in an open world with one or another thing in the style of the sims (like the possibility of customizing your room).

How can you publish games or play in Anarky?

Do you want to publish a game? Find an arcade machine. Do you want to play a game? .Find an arcade machine. It’s that simple, this object in our world is a virtual arcade machine where both players and developers can publish and play.

The arcade machine has an interface that allows you to choose between playing or uploading a game if the machine is empty. By empty we mean that no user in Anarky has assigned a game to that machine.

Each user who wants to upload a game can access the game loading menu, upload a pck file exported from Godot Engine and customize the machine to their liking. All changes made will be propagated to all anarky clients in real time, so all users will be able to access your game immediately.

Is Anarky like roblox?

Roblox is a Game Engine, in which you can make games that other users within Roblox can play. The problem with this system is that the games made in Roblox belong to this platform and can only be found there.

Anarky hosts games made on the Godot Engine, but you cannot use Anarky to create games, we are not a game engine, we are a platform for publishing games. The games you publish on Anarky are yours and you can publish them on other platforms if you wish, you are not limited to our platform.

How else does Anarky support the gaming world?

In addition to hosting games on our platform, you can upload or download resources for game development such as:

  • Sprites to create the aesthetics of your video game.
  • Audio files such as special effects or music.
  • Code for your shaders or to improve your ability as a programmer.
  • We also have a devlog area where you can post or follow other developers’ posts.
  • There is a common area that is a virtual forum to seek help, create discussions or simply post about a particular topic associated with gaming.
  • We also have suggestion building to suggest websites or youtube channels for game development.
  • The Video Game History Museum where you can learn more about the origin and evolution of video games.

Everything in Anarky is located in buildings throughout the city, no space in anarky is for decoration, every building has a purpose.

Just log in and play!.