Ready to playtest?

We are polishing mechanics and fine tuning everything to make the alpha release stable and entertaining so that you, the testers, can give us the feedback we need to keep improving the experience.

We want to make sure that our alpha release is stable and easy to understand, that sounds good but it is incredibly difficult to achieve at this stage, that’s why it is necessary to make tests where you as play testers will be in charge of giving us the feedback we need to improve more and more the Anarky experience.

Anarky is designed with the gamer and developer in mind, we want both to enjoy sharing and playing games within the platform.

Currently we don’t have enough testers to start testing, we want to gather about 50 users to start and polish Anarky until we reach the beta stage.

Do you want to be a play tester?

Where are we now?

We are currently working on the audio and server, as well as polishing the performance of the platform as we add more special effects and particles to our world.

We already have in its initial stage the avatar that represents the player (we are using an avatar made by Kenney). We still have to polish the animations and camera movements of the character.

The server is more complete than before and you can now upload and download content to share with other users, we have also added special unique buildings where you can play mini-games and where you can find references to the gaming culture. We have added collectibles to encourage exploration and make users to explore every corner of the city in search of secrets.


This is important because exploration is the key for users to enter buildings and find content made by other players.

As we develop Anarky we have been adding color coding to all objects on the platform, so you can more easily distinguish which objects are interactive or helpful to the player.


Buildings have specific colors according to the content they can share.

We also improved the coordinate system for content location, each object has a specific coordinate according to its location in the virtual world. The coordinates follow the X and Z planes.


If you want to locate a content just go to a specific coordinate and you will find what you are looking for, if you want to publish content locate yourself in the area where you think your content can be found and if you want to share content just share the coordinates of your publication so that other users can locate your publication in the same way that they find objects in a quest.

I know it sounds confusing if you read it, but it will be a matter of you giving us your feedback during testing to see if this system is really ideal for the platform.

So far we have made a lot of progress and major changes to the platform. We wanted to speed up the pace and leave aside the unimportant publications, we believe that few important publications per month is better than simply publishing every week to please the algorithm of a network.

We hope by the end of August to have everything ready and finally start the tests with you. Remember to fill out the form to receive the download link and thus be one of the first players of Anarky World.


Thank you for reading the full article and we hope you like it.

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