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Humanity needs you!

Your Mission: Rebuild the World

Our minds survive in our construction machines, if one survives all survive

Anarky World is the last hope of humanity, together as a team we will build a better world, without rules, without limits

With our collective consciousness and our construction machines we will make Anarky a better world for humanity

The cradle of life, the last hope of humanity

In Anarky you will appear in sector 0-0-0, better known as the cradle of life. There you must look for a free plot of land, claim it as yours and begin to build the bases of what will be the main city

You will not be alone, each occupied land is the construction area of another construction machine just like you, little by little you will see the city grow around you

Our mission

Build the cradle of life

Construction has already started and will continue in development while you build the other areas of the world

Construction system improvements

Polish construction system to make it easier for all Anarkist to develop their buildings In addition to the implementation of the fast transportation system

Vegetation and food system

Implementation of vegetation and plant care to create the foundations of what will be the source of food and oxygen for new generations of organic beings

Construction machine customization system

Color customization system and implementation of accessories to the construction machine

Residence system

Development and implementation of a room system so that our builders can create spaces that can be inhabited and customized

2D game engine

Implementation of a 2D arcade game construction system within Anarky to allow the development and publication of minigames within our new world

Consciousness transfer system and organic character customization system

Implementation of a consciousness transfer system from a construction machine to an organic being and vice versa / Implementation of dress and skin customization system

The creators

Javier Held


Manuel Naim


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