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For whom is Anarky made?


  • Leave code snippets to help other.
  • Ask for help to the community.
  • Share Shadders.
  • Download sprites and audio files for your games.
  • Create Mini-Games.


  • Play all the games available on the platform.
  • Leave comments on the games.
  • Report bugs in the games.
  • Vote for or against content posted to be moderated.
  • Share images.
  • Follow your favorite games or developers.


  • Upload Sprites.
  • Upload Audio files.
  • Upload screenshots.
  • Share Memes.
  • Sponsor your game your youtube or twich channels.

Find out more about us

Anarky seeks to be an interactive virtual world, a kind of playable social network where you can play and publish your games. Our audience is independent developers and casual gamers who want to hang out and want to escape reality for a while.


Anarky is a platform for sharing games and content related to the world of gaming. It consists of several worlds one very different from the other and each world with its own unique mini-games.

Anarky is focused on both game developers and casual gamers, it is a world where both can meet and share.

Each player has their own Room that they can customize to their liking. Each room has a unique location in the city and once it is occupied by someone no one else can live there. In this way each user will have a different location in the city as in the real world.

Each room can be customized and all changes made are updated in real time so that other players can see your style.

In Anarky there are special buildings where users can perform unique activities. Among the buildings in operation so far we have the building for: Gaming, Virtual Museum, Devlogs, Chatroom, Sprites Library, Audio Library and News.

In these buildings you can share screenshots of your favorite games, devlogs to inform your followers about the progress of your projects, you can share code and ask other developers for help, upload games made in Godot 4 or simply play any of the mini-games you can find all over the world.

The Arcade Machine is one of the most important items in Anarky World.

If you are a player, you can search for one of these machines in our world and play the minigame that is assigned to that machine. All your achievements will be saved in the cloud and will be displayed on our leader board.

If you’re a developer, you can search for one of these machines and you can upload your game and publish it for the entire Anarky community to play.

If you are a developer you can use our area for devlogs. This building is updated in real time allowing the public to follow the progress of your favorite games.

You can also find our help area where users leave code snippets that are solutions to common development problems.

At Anarky we support the development of games, that’s why we have special buildings where you can download free audio content and sprites uploaded by other users on the platform.


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