Progress report, first beta for the first quarter of 2023.

Where we are now

In the last weeks we have been making big changes in Anarky due to the move of the project to Godot 4. We have redesigned the city to make it denser and more vertical in order to pack as many mini-games as possible into the smallest amount of space possible.

This project started its development a year ago, so it is already very close to the beta stage.

If all goes according to plan we will do a closed test with users from the Godot engine community at the end of January 2023 in order to learn more about the technical performance of Anarky and to see which areas of the city should be redesigned to better fit what we want to achieve with our platform.

If you want to be one of the first people to test Anarky join our discord or our Mailing list to receive a notification with the direct link to the closed beta.

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    Our vision

    Our vision with Anarky is to make an open world where users will be able to explore every corner of the city and find new minigames to play alone or online, for this reason we want the city to be a content rich place for all users to enjoy.

    If you are a content creator you can:

    1. Upload Sprites for videogame development.
    2. Upload Audio files for game development.
    3. Upload Images of your favorite video games and screenshots.
    4. Share Memes from the world of videogames.
    5. Share Images to sponsor your game your youtube or twich channels.

    If you are a developers will be able to:

    1. Leave code snippets to help other users.
    2. You can ask for help from the community.
    3. Share Shadders with the community.
    4. Download sprites and audio files for your games.
    5. Upload your demo or Mini-Games.

    If you are a Gamer you will be able to:

    1. Play all the games available on the platform.
    2. Leave comments on the games.
    3. Report bugs in the games.
    4. Vote for or against content posted in the community to be moderated.
    5. Share images with the community.
    6. Follow your favorite games or developers.

    All this is possible because every building in Anarky has a specific function and no building in Anarky is just a decoration. The idea behind this concept is that users will be able to choose what to do according to the function of each building

    and as each building has a unique location Anarky users will always know where to place their favorite content.

    In addition, each user will have a quick access menu to locate content in a menu instead of in a physical space within the game. We understand that for some users having to walk to a specific place to locate content can be annoying, even more if your location is far away from the target, so as in any open world we give this option to transport quickly and go directly to the desired content.

    Our goal at Anarky is to create a world where players and developers can interact and learn from each other. Players can learn more about game development, about their favorite games and meet other people.

    Developers will be able to launch their games and test them directly with Anarky users to better understand what changes and improvements to make to their game. They will also have access to content such as sprites and audio files to help them in the development of their projects.

    Developers will also be able to sponsor their games in our banners or museums by leaving images and links to their website or discord.

    Soon we will be posting more news about our progress in the development of Anarky.
    Thanks for reading the whole post 🙂

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