What are we doing and where are we going?

What have we been doing all this time?

We are currently updating the entire core on which the first version of Anarky was made. Now we are making changes at a graphical level and testing our own launcher so that all players can receive updates automatically.

For the first half of November we will be launching the new alpha update that will contain:

  • Mesh streaming system to be able to load and unload countless objects in the virtual world without loading the memory of your PC or phone.
  • Each player will have an avatar that will feel hungry, sleepy, tired, sick, etc. You should eat, sleep, bathe among other things.
  • The first version of an internal 2D engine will be implemented so that players can create their own 2D minigames to share within Anarky.
  • A new school building was created with tutorials on how to use the 2D engine to create games.
  • A sprite sharing system was implemented that allows players to share images to be used in the development of games inside and outside of Anarky.
  • Changes were implemented at a graphic level where it changed to a 3D pixel art style also known as volumetric pixelart or voxel style (something like Minecraft).
  • A reward system will be implemented that will allow the player to earn tokens to use within Anarky to buy food, clothing and objects to customize their room.

As you will see, many changes are being implemented in a short time to have a more complete game and so play testers have more to test.

Why these changes?

Graphically the original version of Anarky lacked personality, a lot of materials from free libraries were used and this prevented our world from looking the way we wanted. Added to that, Anarky’s original vision was to create a cyberpunk-style world from the 80s but with 3D pixel art, thanks to new advances at a technical level and modifications at the core level of the game, we can now make that vision a reality.

Another important change is the system for hosting games created by the community. Initially, we wanted to host games created externally, but many compatibility problems arose even with games made with the same engine. We are now implementing our own 2d game builder so that the gaming community can develop their games without worrying about anarky updates or the game engine used.

In general, all the changes made are to materialize the original vision of Anarky, a futuristic 80s-style world where you can live, share and create 2D games alone or with your friends.

Soon we will be publishing a trailer for the alpha, many images with the new updates as well as modifications to the website and social networks.

If you want to test anarky when we launch the new alpha, follow us on our networks or join our discord, only in discord can we communicate directly with all our players.