It's time to test

After a year of development, Anarky is finally ready for the release of its first Alpha. But what is an alpha?


Alpha testing is a step in the software release lifecycle designed to validate initial end-to-end user acceptance, product requirements, and that the product generally functions as intended.

To make it simpler, we want to test that Anarky works as intended, we want to know if the product is liked by consumers and finally understand what other requirements the project needs to meet the expectations and needs of our players.

What do you need to do to participate ?

The requirements are quite simple:


  1. A pc with a video card that supports vulkan.
  2. An Internet connection.
  3. And the willingness to test a game that is in its early stages so you will find many bugs.

What will I win if I participate in the test?

By participating in the alpha you will have the opportunity to suggest ideas and corrections directly to the developers, this will allow you to be involved in the development of the project and receive recognition for your ideas in the credits of the game.

Remember that Anarky is a game and a social network where we publish content made by users, all our content is related to the world of video games.

As the first to test Anarky you can be the first to publish content in our game., content that will be seen by all new users since what you publish during the alpha will be the first thing that all new players will see.


This will give you an advantage if you want to make yourself known as a content creator, software or game developer, as well as a seller of game resources such as 3D models, music, sprites, materials and skins.

In addition to all this you will receive a good amount of our internal currency to be spent for any item or cosmetic inside Anarky, you will also receive a special skin that is for alpha testers only..

All alpha testers depending on their experience and participation in the project will receive the opportunity to be recruited as part of the Anarky development team.

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