It’s time for a change, Anarky leaves the blockchain.

Today Anarky is one year old since it was created, from the beginning it was intended to be an open world full of activities and mini-games, the typical dream of making a “Ready player one”.

The Anarky project as we call it, is a platform for developers and gamers. Developers can publish their games made on the Godot Engine and gamers can jump in and play.

Obviously aspiring to make such a complex project is something absurd if you try to do it from 0, so we decided to start with something small, a virtual museum. With the passing of time and several online tests we took all the information collected and moved on to the next phase, scaling Anarky from a virtual museum to an open world.

Once again, making an open world is something very ambitious for such a small team, so we started with sector 0.0.0. Like any project we had to have a way to monetize the project, we looked for several methods and the final decision was to have an internal currency, the anarky token.

The original idea included that this internal currency would be on the blockchain but our public although they like the project they don’t like that it is associated with the blockchain and its bad reputation. That led us to make an important decision.

it’s time to let go of what is negatively affecting the reputation of the project, it’s time to let go of the blockchain.

The Anarky token will still be the in-game currency but it will be an internal currency like GTAV’s shark money. Unlike games like GTA Anarky focuses more on user interaction and not on violence between users.

In some areas of our world we will have a shooter area where there will be violence for those who love this genre, but it is optional and is not part of all the activities that make up this virtual world.

Activities such as the shooter zone, the racing zone and others will be added with later updates, no DLCs or paid updates.

Anarky World is free and its business model is based on integrated purchases of cosmetics, there will be no purchases that affect the gameplay.

For those who do not know anything about the project and do not know what it is about, Anarky is a video game platform within a virtual world. Anarky users will be able to upload their games made in Godot Engine as if they were mods, this will make the server update and update all clients allowing all Anarky players to see and play this new game.

Much of Anarky’s content will be thanks to the users themselves, including devlogs, image galleries, uploading and downloading free sprites, etc. A whole ecosystem for gamers and game developers.

The first release of Anarky will include the free sprite download area, the mini-games area for users to upload and play games made by the Godot engine community, and the residential buildings that are not yet customizable.

This part is important, no user is obligated to have their own room in Anarky but if you decide to have one, that particular space will be yours as long as you are active in the game at least once a month. Once that room is yours no one else will be able to live in that room and other players will have to look for another unoccupied room in any of the residential buildings in Anarky.

No room will be sold to anyone, that’s not part of our business model, it’s just an extra that adds life to the virtual world and taking care of your room is one of the mini-games within the Anarky ecosystem.

Some players are casual and just want to focus on decorating, others in the shooter area, some will want to educate themselves in the world of development and others just want to socialize.

Whether you are a casual player or a dedicated gamer you are invited to be part of our world, your feedback is important and together we will shape Anarky World .

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