Hello everyone, it’s been a while since our last progress report, today we bring you some news.

The museum has improved its performance, it now consumes less video memory so it is now more accessible to users with lower resource computers. We are working to make it accessible to a larger number of devices including MacOS.

Online Video games

Another novelty is that now all worlds have a panoramic sky with clouds. In order to appreciate this and eliminate that feeling of confinement in some areas of all museums the roof has been removed.

This creates a better view and gives a sense of grandeur to each available museum model.

At the control level, the movement of the camera was improved to make it more responsive to the movement of the mouse.

Online Video games

Added a new comment menu for each stand. Now you can leave a comment on each artwork.

The general aesthetic of all menus has changed to a more neutral color like black and some important text has changed to an animated rainbow RBG style.

Something more gaming according to our devs.

In general, a lot of progress is being made, we are working on improving the initial load of the museum and how to improve its performance on lower-end devices.

Thanks for coming this far, we’ll be updating you soon with more advances in our world of art and games.